About Us

We are a family-owned shop dedicated to creating quality custom porch components that complete your home or commercial property and that always exceed expectations. No matter the size of your project--from a few feet of rail in front of a dormer window to supplying a series of hotels at a resort--we pride ourselves in delivering quality architectural millwork to your door fast and easy, and right when you need them.

Quality is at the heart of our business. From the materials we select, the wood we mill and the options we provide; not sacrificing quality even as we seek to provide fast, timely service; making sure it's always in the customer experience as you talk to and order from us; and finally in the results you see when you've installed and finished your project.

We work, live and produce all of our wood products locally in Western Montana. If you can't find us at work in the shop, you'll find us out back sharing stories around the bonfire. Stop by and you'll find the grill sizzling with burgers, the cooler freshly stocked and the smell of burning wood scraps in the air.

We ship to all 50 states, as well as Canada, and are able to maintain reasonable shipping prices because of our high volume and lack of sales tax.

We are always here to help you. Call or email to discuss your project and we can help you work through all of the options, prices and installation instructions you'll need to create the perfect porch railing and millwork for your project.

Adam, Barrett, Ross, Elaine, and Mara MacDonald

Check out Victorian Homes Magazine. We were very flattered to have our products and a previous project featured in their "shopper" section of this very informative publication.The property shown in the feature was a beautiful Derby, NY home using our Revival design spindles. Also shown in the inset is another reproduction project. We can replicate your existing spindles, or choose from our standard designs.

Also, check out our ad in Old House Journal!

Our son Ross with a massive 7x36 A26 Port Orford Cedar Spindle.

Shop online to purchase our stock items.  EMAIL or call toll free (888) 459-9965 to place a custom order.

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