Frequently Asked Questions


I have quotes from multiple companies. Why should I buy from Western Spindle?

1. Materials: We use only high quality, solid exterior woodswithgrown-in rot resistance. And the woods we use are harder, denser, and stronger than woods used by others which means your millwork will hold up better in the decades to come.

What about composite materials? Composites can't match the look and feel of solid wood. Plastic millwork on your home looks and feels like, well, plastic.

2. Service: We are a family owned company that prides itself in personal service and high quality products. Have a question or problem? Let us know and we'll help. We're proud of every piece that leaves our shop and you will be too.

3. Easy: Simply order from our online store or call for custom orders. We'll arrange everything and deliver the products to your door.

Do you cut the railing to my specific lengths, or to you have standard lengths?

We make the rail to your specific lengths, to the nearest foot. They can be ordered on our online store by choosing the length on the drop-down menu. We recommend you order a few inches extra on each end to allow the installer to "tie in" to your newel posts or existing structure.

How long can you make rail sections?

Standard lengths run from 1 to 11 feet, and can be ordered from our online store. Lengths over 11' feet will incur some additional shipping and manufacturing costs and can be ordered over the phone at 888.459.9965.

Do I need support under the bottom rail?

We recommend that you use a support block on rail sections 6' long and longer. This will prevent sagging in the decades to come. You can order your support blocks on our online store made from our highly rot resistant Port Orford Cedar, or make your own. We use small, unobtrusive blocks that are pretty much unnoticeable.

How far apart should I space my spindles? How many do I need?

Simply put, spindles are usually spaced according to a very easy rule:
4×4 spindles: 6″ on-center
3×3 spindles: 5″ on-center
2×2 spindles: 4″ on-center
So, the number of spindles required is simply the rail length in inches, divided by the on-center spacing. Of course each individual may choose some variation. For example, if you like the look of more densely spaced spindles, you may choose to space your 4x4's every 5" instead of 6".

For a more in-depth spindle spacing/quantity discussion, see our ABOUT PORCHES page.

Custom Orders

I have a spindle and/or rail I'd like reproduced. Can you reproduce my design?

Yes. Send us a picture or drawing and we can get it close. For an exact duplicate, send an original. Many of the wood spindles and railings you see on this website were made in such a way. See examples of some of the restorations we have done on our RESTORATIONS page.

Does it cost more to have my spindle design reproduced?

We use very efficient high-volume equipment, which costs $150 to setup for your custom design. However, we'll waive that fee for custom orders over $1000.

Does it cost more to have my rail profile reproduced?

We can reproduce your rail profile by making custom moulder knives to match. This usually costs somewhere around $400, although it may be higher or lower depending or your rail size and profile.


How much does shipping cost?

Depending on order size, shipping usually costs around 5 to 10% of the order subtotal. Because of the quantity of large, heavy shipments we send, we are able to broker very steep discounts with top quality shipping companies throughout the U.S. That savings is passed to you. And consider this: There is NO SALES TAX on any product ordered from us, which makes up for any shipping costs incurred for customers in most states.

How is my order being shipped? Is there anything I need to do for the shipment?

We'll take care of everything. Smaller orders are shipped via UPS or FedEx, and will show up at your door like any other package. Larger orders are shipped with a freight company (like Yellow for example). The freight company will call ahead to make an appointment to drop off the product. Your items will be packed in individual boxes weighing around 70 lbs each. The boxes are stretch wrapped together on a pallet and crated over with boards for protection. If you don't have a forklift on site, two people and a claw hammer can easily unload most shipments in just a few minutes.

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