3 1/2" Wood Spindle

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Price Each $26.00 Plus Shipping and Handling



Turned portion is 15" long, centered in the spindle.  Bottom notch option reduces length by 1/8".

Use 6" Rail System

Also available in Polyurethane, a synthetic material.

PRIMING OPTION (recommended): Premium oil-based primer in flat white available as an option, which allows for immediate installation.  Expect some blemishes in the primer from shipping.  This is normal and will not affect the finished result when painted after installation.

Online orders of standard unprimed wood products :1 week production, plus 1 week for shipping.  Order 2 weeks in advance.
Online orders of standard PRIMED wood products:1-2 weeks production, plus 1 week for shipping.  Order 3 weeks in advance.

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Our woodwork is stronger and longer lasting than woodwork produced by others.  Why?  Because we use better materials!

Western Cedar is a great outdoor use wood that has been the standard throughout the US for many decades.  Usually when people say simply "cedar", this is the wood they are referring to.  It is highly resistant to decay and very beautiful, and we use only CLEAR Western Cedar so there are NO KNOTS.  You simply cannot find a better grade of wood (because it doesn't exist)!  This results in very beautiful, and very stable millwork.  Our Western Cedar consists of both Western Red and Incense cedars.

Port Orford Cedar (called White Cedar in some localles) is highly resistant to decay, is stronger and more dense than all other cedars, and machines to a smoother finish. In fact, it is 45% stronger, denser, and harder than all other cedars, redwood, and pine. Also it is a creamy white color which allows for limitless options on staining, and the color will not bleed through paint as sometimes happens with darker woods.  All this means products made from Port Orford Cedar will simply look better in the decades to come.

Grades used: We use both CLEAR and SELECT TIGHT KNOT grades of wood in our products.  When Select Tight Knot is used, only the best pieces are used of that grade.  Because of the nature of our products, we can often “cut around” the knots, so even our STK products often end up clear.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How far apart should they be spaced to meet building codes?
To comply with the "4-inch ball rule", use the following rule of thumb for 3 1/2" spindles: every 6" on center

How many spindles do I need?
Take the length of your rail (in inches) and divide by 6". 
Example: 10' of rail, which is 120".  Take 120 divided by 6 = 20 spindles needed.

What height of spindle do I need?
See our Spindle Height Calculator.

How much does shipping cost?
SHIPPING COST is displayed in shopping cart.  Enter Quantity and click "ADD TO CART".

Still have questions?  Email us at info@westernspindle.com or call 888-459-9965 and we’ll be glad to help with your project.

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Caring for Millwork (what do I do when my stuff shows up?!)

Bottom Rail: To Slope or Not to Slope?

How far apart should I space my spindles? How many do I need?

Multiple porches on a Cleveland Heights, OH home.

New Curved Porch Rail on a Louisville, Kentucky Home

Multi-colored Porch Spindles in Butte, MT

Our Porch Railing Featured in Victorian Homes Magazine!

Wood Porch Rail System Installation Instructions

Western Spindle Reviewed on Restoration Blog (includes a project using 3 1/2" spindles)

Priming for Wood Porch Products and Millwork

Our most popular stock design.  Revival reflects the influences often found in the architecture of the late Victorian era.

Although all of our stock designs are considered Victorian, this classic shape captures the essence of a robust Victorian front porch.

Particularly popular in the southeastern U.S., the Tuscan spindle design incorporates a more angular style found in architecture with Italianate influences.

Our Colonial spindle design features the simpler, straighter shape of the early Victorian era resulting in a very stately look for your porch.

See "PORCH INFORMATION" for installation, finishing, etc.

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