The Easy (and Right) Way to Fasten Porch Newel Posts

Fastening your porch newels is often one of the most problematic parts of a porch rail installation.  If you have access to the bottom side of the porch floor, you can simply lag bolts up into the newel and tighten it that way.  But what if you don’t have access under the floor, as with a finished roof underneath or a concrete slab?

With this new Porch Newel Fastening System, you no longer have to choose between a strong porch newel and one that is free from visible fasteners.


This system consists of a floor plate, threaded rod, channel for the top of the newel, and required hardware.  Made of chromed steel for strength and corrosion resistance.


Installation: The system is intended for use with Western Spindle’s Porch Newels, which have a shelf milled into the top of the post that accepts the channel (see above picture).  If you are using your own posts, you will need to mill a 1″ deep shelf in the top inside of the newel.

  1. After marking the spot on the floor you want your newel, fasten to your porch floor with lag bolts (or masonry screws in the case of concrete or brick floors).
  2. Thread the threaded rod into the floor plate nut until it hits the floor.
  3. Place the hollow newel over the threaded rod and floor plate.
  4. Place the included channel over the threaded rod, resting it on the shelf milled into the top of the newel.
  5. Use the split washer and 1/2″ nut to tighten down the newel using a 3/4″ wrench or ratchet and socket.



This system is available for different newel widths and heights, and can be found on our ONLINE STORE.


Questions or comments?  Post your feedback or pictures!

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