Introducing Cabinet Columns, Kitchen Island Legs

5x35.5 Hamilton Rope Cabinet Column WS 300pWestern Spindle is excited to announce that we have added Cabinet Columns to our product line. Our Cabinet Columns are a perfect fit for discerning homeowners and builders, and are a fantastic way to complete your Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Islands, Bathroom Vanities, Fireplace Surrounds, Furniture, and more. Whether you’re looking to accent a new set of kitchen cabinets at eye level, provide a stout set of legs for your kitchen island, or augment your home’s interior theme with a decorative fireplace mantle, our Cabinet Columns may be just what you need.

Our Cabinet Columns are of the highest quality, Furniture Grade, and arrive fully sanded, ready to accept your finishing touch.  This could be a light coat of stain to bring out the remarkable wood grain in an airy kitchen, or a deep, rustic stain to warm a cozy living room, or a quality coat of paint to match the rest of your project.

Our Cabinet Columns are stronger, more beautiful, and longer lasting than Cabinet Columns and Kitchen Island Columns produced by others.  Why?  Because we use better materials! Western Spindle offers interior millwork in a variety of interior wood species, all of which produce beautiful Cabinet Columns.

Interior Millwork Wood OptionsRubberwood has a dense grain, which means very little shrinkage, making it one of the more stable construction materials available for furniture and cabinet columns. It is not suitable for outdoor use.  Rubberwood is used only after it completes its natural, latex-producing cycle (25-30 years old.) When a Rubberwood tree’s latex yields become extremely low, the tree is felled, and new ones are planted. In the past, Rubberwood trees went to waste- but not anymore! This wood is eco-friendly, as the waste is now utilized.

Alder is a reddish-brown hardwood suitable for interior millwork.  Although it is a hardwood, Alder is not quite as hard as Cherry or Maple.

Cherry is one of the premier hardwoods for interior millwork.  The subtle reddish-brown color and beautiful grain make it a highly desirable wood for Cabinet Columns, Kitchen Island Posts, and other cabinetry.  Cherry is also commonly known as Black Cherry or American Cherry.

Maple is an exceptionally hard species of wood, making it highly desirable for interior millwork, like Cabinet Columns, Kitchen Island Posts, and Fireplace Surrounds, as well as window and door trim. Its understated, light color, silky smooth finish, and hardness make it one of the very best woods for fine cabinetry.

NOTE: These are considered interior woods and are not suitable for outdoor use. We offer an entire line of exterior wood products, and will be happy to assist you with all of your needs.

5x35.5 Cabinet ColumnsWe offer our high quality Cabinet Columns in two popular dimensions: 5-inch and 3¾-inch, and in six styles: Traditional, Tapered, Fluted, Reeded, Raised Panel, and Rope Twist (a favorite in ranch houses!) Both sizes of Cabinet Columns are available in a full length of 35 ½ inches, allowing you to cut them down to size as needed, for use in a decorative fireplace mantle or under a convenient kitchen island, when used as kitchen island posts.

Most Cabinet Column orders take approximately 1 week for processing and 1 week to ship. Please be sure to order your wood products AT LEAST 2 weeks in advance to ensure that you’ll have them when you need them.

Have you incorporated Cabinet Columns or Kitchen Island Legs in your home?  We’d love to see pictures!3.75 Cabinet Columns


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