Pretty Painted Porch Railing in Butte, MT

Want ideas for your exterior painting project? This home in Butte, MT shows that when done right, a beautiful paint scheme can really set the property apart.  You can see the final effect is very stunning. They’ve used our 3 1/2 ×20″ and 3 1/2 × 26″ Revival Porch Spindles with the 6″ 4-piece Porch Rail System with sloped bottom rail, in premium Port Orford Cedar.

Yes, there is still snow in Butte, MT. But then, a true Montanan would never let a few measly feet of snow get in the way of an exterior restoration project!  Note this homeowner used the 20″ spindles on the lower porch for a 30″ top rail height. Codes required a taller 36″ top rail height on the upper deck, so she used our 26″ spindles and the same 4-piece Porch Rail System to achieve it.