Wood Newel Installation Instructions

Installation of our large newels (6″, 8″, and 12″ wide)

  1. Mark the center locations of all the newels
  2. Fasten the Anchor Plate to your flooring
    1. Wood Floors
      1. Minimum requirement: 2×6” flooring. If possible, lag into floor joists. If necessary, install blocking under the flooring for a better lag.
      2. Pre-drill the four holes needed with a 1/8” drill bit.
      3. Fasten with four ¼” exterior grade lag bolts
    2. Concrete/Masonry Floors
      1. Pre-drill the four holes with a masonry bit and hammer drill.
      2. Fasten anchor plate with four ¼” masonry screws
  3. Install threaded rod into anchor plate
    1. Recommended: use high strength thread locker on threaded rod
    2. Snug threaded rod with pliers
  4. Apply construction adhesive to bottom of newel, place newel over threaded rod
  5. Place top channel over the threaded rod and down into the recess in the top of the newel, open side up
  6. Secure with lock washer and nut. Tighten down with wrench or ratchet.
  7. Install cap with construction adhesive and brad nails.

Installation of our 3 1/2″ Wood Newel Posts

3 1/2″ Wood Newel Post Installation Instructions

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