Wood Spindles / Balusters

Wood spindles / balusters are an essential part of your Traditional Porch.  The 3 1/2″ Porch Spindle is far and away our most popular for porches all over the country.  The 2 1/2″ Porch Spindle is a good balanced and versatile size.  The 1 5/8″ Porch Spindle is larger and of much higher quality than what’s typically found in home centers or lumber yards.

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Turned Spindles and Square Balusters are the centerpiece of your porch or deck’s exterior balustrade.  Perfect for new construction as well as porch renovations and restorations.  Wood balusters are ideal for those looking for the real authentic look and feel of natural wood for their home’s exterior railing.

Available in Cedar or Mahogany, factory primed or unfinished.  Most of our customers choose Cedar Spindles / Balusters because of this wood’s beauty, rot resistance, and cost-effectiveness.  Mahogany Spindles / Balusters are identical is size and design, but this hardwood machines to a smoother finish, but being a hardwood, it will hold up to abuse or accidents better.  Also, we chose Mahogany as our hardwood baluster option because of it’s rot resistance.

The designs of our turned wood balusters were developed by Western Spindle through years of study and experience.  They have been reviewed by other architectural millwork specialists and have been determined to be authentic and architecturally correct.  Our spindle designs are proudly worn by registered historic homes throughout the country.