Ordering reproduction spindles is easy: Email or call with the following information:

Width & Height: If your spindle has square portions, width of the square(s). If completely turned, then the diameter of the spindle.  Also include how long (tall)
Quantity: How many you need reproduced
Design: Give us some idea of the spindle design.  Email a picture for a more accurate quote.

With the above information, we can immediately give you an estimate. Then if you’d like to move ahead with the order we can reproduce your spindle. For an exact match, send us an original to our address. If “close” is good enough, then a picture and dimensions will do.

Should I have custom porch balusters made, or choose one of your standard designs?

We offer many traditional spindle/baluster designs in several common sizes and lengths, and in both Wood and Synthetic.  Our designs are reminiscent of popular architectural choices, and if you’re building a new porch, our standard designs will give your project the clean lines and distinguished appearance that a Victorian-era porch should have.  For most of our customers, one of our several standard spindle design styles will work very well.  But many of our customers want to refurbish their existing porch with new spindles/baluster, but want to retain the old design.  This is not only possible, but is our specialty. Reproduction spindles in CedarPorch Spindle Restoration

Having your spindles replicated by Western Spindle is a great way to preserve your home’s look.  The cost difference when made in Cedar is usually minimal: generally, custom porch spindles / balusters cost only about 15% more each than one of our standard design spindles of the same size.  We run high volume equipment that efficiently produces large quantities, but takes some time and money to setup.  A small fee is passed on to the customer for smaller orders, but is waived on larger runs.

If you’d like to switch to our synthetic Polyurethane alternative, we can do that too. Choose one of our standard designs, or have your original reproduced.  There is some extra costs involved with custom Poly spindles because they require the manufacture of a custom mold and associated tooling.  Just send us a picture, dimensions, and quantity and let us quote your project.

Keep in mind that once we’ve made your design, we can reproduce an unlimited number of perfect reproductions.  If you need to order more of the same custom spindle later, it’s no problem.  We keep your design on file and can produce as many as you need.  As with our standard designs, ordering spindles/balusters in larger quantities does qualify customers for a quantity discounts.

We create exact replicas of your spindle/baluster design.

In order for us to do this, send one original to our shop so we can create your custom design.  If “close” is good enough, all we need from you are a few clear digital pictures and corresponding measurements.

As always, please feel free to email or call with questions.  We look forward to helping you with your dream porch!

Here are some more samples of restoration work we have done. (click to enlarge pictures)

This Charlotte, NC custom wood porch spindle restoration was just completed last week. We’ll be sure to update as pictures of the completed railing installation come in. This picture illustrates the straight, even grain of our premium Port Orford Cedar wood. Why do we use Port Orford Cedar? It means you and I will be long gone before these spindles will have to be replaced again.

Our Lake Geneva, WI customer writes: “I am sending on some pictures of the balustrade I restored using the spindles you turned for me back in May. The railing forms an overlook on top of our pumphouse. We think the original balustrade dates to about 1925. The remaining balusters were original and were stripped of many layers of lead paint and refinished. I saved one long section of top rail and the short section (they appear to be old growth, very tight grain fir and were in perfect shape except for one small area of rot I was able to fill with a dutchman that is now invisible under the paint. Joints at the corner posts were made with pocket screws. (each post has a long 5/8″ bolt secured into the concrete deck, so they are like the Rock of Gibraltar!) Your balusters fit perfectly in with the old and really made the project shine. All of our 19 members love the results – It really adds to our waterfront scenery! Thanks so much for your help and for being so easy to deal with!” 8/26/2013

3×20″ custom Redwood spindle restoration.

This customer wanted their spindles 20% bigger

Spindle Restoration in Canfield, OH: This customer was only replacing about half of the wooden spindles on his porch and therefore needed an exact replica.  He picked the best remaining spindle from his porch to be replaced so we had a good template to go by.  The result: an exact replica of his original wood spindles.  They are 3 15/16″ x 14 1/2″ net custom turned Douglas Fir porch spindles.

Check out this completed project on our PORCH GALLERY page.  Purchase these on our ONLINE STORE.

3×24″ custom turned porch spindle restoration made with Port Orford Cedar for a project in Paola, KS.  The original wood spindles were in very rough shape.  Both the customer and our guys did some doctoring to get this spindle to the point where it could be copied.  Once that was done, we are able to make an unlimited number of replica spindles (or balusters).

A custom porch job in Beach Haven, NJ.  This customer wanted wood spindles in two different lengths: taller ones that could be fitted to a curved “goose neck” easing, and shorter ones for the straight sections of rail.  Also, note the bottom notching for use on a sloped-top bottom rail.

One of the boxes of the shorter spindles.  All ready to ship!  Again, note the bottom notching for use on a sloped-top bottom rail.  Note the use of our premium, solid Port Orford Cedar.  It is the strongest of all cedars, which means it looks better, lasts longer, machines to a finer finish than any other.

A restoration project in Farmington, NY. Because this house was “grandfathered”, they had the luxury of using the original short spindles for an exact reproduction.

Another porch spindle restoration project that was “grandfathered” and therefore able to use original size 4×17″ spindles. This one is in Greensboro, GA. The homeowner wanted to spread the cost out over time and is replacing only the most rotted ones a dozen or so at a time.

The spindles on the right side are the new ones. The ones on the left are the original 120 year-old spindles. For convenience and financial reasons,this homeowner decided to replace only the spindles with the most damage.Once we have a design made, an unlimited number of perfect reproductions can be made. So whether you are doing your project in stages like this one, or you want to add a back entry rail to match the porch rail you installed last year, your design will always be on file here and ready to go.

Another Victorian Porch Restoration, this one in Montgomery, AL. For an exact reproduction, this customer needed a 2 1/4″ net wood spindle width.  Although this is not a stock size, we simply milled larger stock down to match the dimension. In this way, we can create any size you need. Port Orford Cedar was used because it’s strength, durability, and it’s natural rot and insect resistance. This premium outdoor wood contains an oil that is toxic to insects and mold which means these spindles will look great for generations.

More examples of wood porch spindle restoration work.

A 2×7″ custom Port Orford Cedar accent spindle restoration for a house in Bozeman, MT.  Can you find the original?

6″ Redwood Balltop Finial restoration

Next time you’re in Brooklyn, NY, keep an eye out for this front entry restoration. This homeowner wanted the wood spindles slightly thinner than the originals, and needed some new balltop finials for the existing newels (newels not shown here). We were able to match the massive 7″ diameter finials and therefore keep the original character of the entryway.

2×15″ Douglas Fir table leg restoration and modification. Oddly enough, the original wooden spindle came off a railing on an old boat damaged by hurricane Katrena. This customer liked the design and wanted his coffee table to reflect the style of his old boat. We can help you make the indoors OR outdoors your own.

Katherine V. of Derby, New York writes: “The exterior spindles and railing] came yesterday, I absolutely love them.  Wanted you to know that and how impressed we are with the quality.  We will definitely be using you for our two back porches in the spring!  Look forward to working with you again!”   10/7/2008

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