Shipping Information

Lead Times: How long will my order take? (estimated, not guaranteed)

Standard unprimed wood products : Currently shipping within 3-5 business days.
Standard PRIMED wood products: Currently shipping within 4-6 business days.
Standard Poly & Column products: Currently shipping within 10 business days.
Custom products: Estimated shipping date will be provided with your materials estimate.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping Cost

Shipping cost will be shown in your Shopping Cart as you place your items there.  You can enter your state and/or zip code and click Get a Quote for an instant price.  Shipping cost will also be shown during the checkout process.  For most orders, shipping costs usually run around 10% of the order total. Larger orders, around 5% of the order subtotal. There is NO SALES TAX on products ordered from us, which makes up for the shipping cost incurred for customers in most states.

Because of the quantity of large, heavy shipments we send, we are able to broker very steep discounts with top quality freight companies throughout the U.S. That savings is passed to you. Our quality products are guaranteed to show up in the same condition as when they left our shop. Or as one customer in Washington state put it: “Whoever does your packaging is a ROCK STAR!”.

Although many of our products are big, heavy, solid wood items, we do our best to keep shipping costs down. Most often we utilize either UPS or LTL (less than truckload) freight to ship to our customers. UPS is often the most cost efficient for smaller orders and for orders that do not require the shipment of products over eight feet long. Many people are intimidated by shipping with freight companies, but we ship with them every day and we take care of everything for you.

If you happen to be in the middle of nowhere (also know as Townsend, MT), we encourage you to pick up your order and save the shipping cost!

Damaged Shipments/Claims

INSPECT ALL THE ITEMS IN YOUR SHIPMENT BEFORE THE DRIVE LEAVES.  In the rare event any damage has occurred to the crate or boxes, please accept damaged shipments.  This is very important, as a damage claim will be very difficult to pursue otherwise.  Make sure to note the damage on the deliver receipt before the driver leaves.  Consignee (receiver) must document damage (photos, descriptions, tallies, etc.) and contact Western Spindle within one busienss day to begin the claims process.  All our shipments are insured for the full value of the product.

Shop online to purchase our standard items. EMAIL or call toll free (888) 459-9965 to place a custom order.