Everything went great! I am very happy with your product.
I can send finished photos when the house is done. I had the 4.5″ poly spindles.

Low Maintenance Balustrade for D.P. of Andover, MA
July 28, 2017;

Everything arrived on time and in good condition.  We are very pleased with the quality of the wood, and Western Spindle’s service.
 Attached are some pictures.
Square Balusters exterior stairs 02 750p

Square Balusters on stairs for T.C. of Latrobe, PA

We had a little issue with the freight company delivering the date and time set up, but then when we rescheduled they were right on time.  We opened the shipping containers to find everything is great condition and ready for our contractors to put together.
We decided to include one part of the porch that is next to a current fence, that being the reason we ordered the additional balusters a few days ago.  We hope to finish the project and sell the unit as soon as we receive the second shipment from you.  I am planning on sending you some pictures too!
Thanks for checking in.  Have a great day.

Railing with Raised Panel Newel Posts for K.B. of San Francisco, CA
July 27, 2017;

I quickly took some shots of the porch.  The new spindles from you are on the sides (that is why they match).  It looks great, but stay tuned for better photos.  We have a pro photographer coming to stay here and she will be shooting the house.  The house is on tons of famous blogs and all over instagram now.  This is the house we rent out – when you get good photos, you can use them if you want to advertise.  Your service and product is amazing. This island has so many houses that need your spindles!  Bye for now.

Mahogany Spindle Reproduction

Mahogany Spindle Restoration for J.M. of The Bahamas
July 19, 2017;

We want to thank you for the beautiful spindles. Attached are some photos you are welcome to use.  We now have all porches, roof gallery, etc. completed.  We appreciate your fine work.  Let me know if you want a photo of the National Register Marker to go with the photo.  Thanks again for the help.

Historic Porch Remodel for R.Q. of Marshall, MI
July 13, 2017;

Yes the project was completed a few weeks ago, and we love it. The balusters and railing look great and we’ve received many complements from neighbors.
Only issue was a few balusters were broken when they arrived, but I ordered extra and you credited me for those.
Very responsive, custom designed spindles for us based on an image we found online, shipped over-sized railings, everything was done quickly and with very high quality. Highly recommend.
Here are some pics:

Original Spindle Copy for D.P. of Brooklyn, NY
June 10, 2017;

Western Spindle did a great “Old Fashioned” job.  No one does work of that quality any more!  The posts arrived quickly and in great shape due to the meticulous packing.  Haven’t installed them yet – waiting on the rubber roofer- but they are painted and ready to go!

Raised Panel Porch Newel Posts for G.T. of Pittsburgh, PA
June 9, 2017;

I would highly recommend Western Spindle.  They replicated porch spindles and rails perfectly.  Materials arrived on time and were as ordered.  My questions were answered via telephone and email satisfactorily.  I would recommend them and use this company again.

Custom Porch Spindle Replication for K.B. of Sandy Springs, GA
June 8, 2017;


Thank you so much for all your assistance and efforts to get this project done.  Delivered right on time and good quality products!

Synthetic Porch Balusters for D.D. of Fort Benning, GA

Funny you just wrote.  My carpenter is here and just finished them today.  They look great!  My husband and son love them too. My husband said he “actually forgot how nice the front porch can look” – (We have been entering from the side for ages.)

Glad I ordered a couple extra.  The house was built in 1853, so it is lopsided – one side of the porch takes 11, the other 12 and I had one extra to replace.  Just sent a text to my painter to have them painted along with porch floor.  I will send photos when they look good.  We also have professional photographers shooting the house this month.  I will definitely send you those when have them.

Thanks again!


PS My British historian, designer, home owner and renovator on the island was over for dinner the other night – and I was telling them about you guys.  Also glad I went for the mahogany – they have the same weight and strength as the original old growth ABACO pine (or Heart pine as they call it in US).

PPS You may have more customers down here – you may have to take a trip!

Reproduce Original Spindles in Mahogany for J.M. of Bahamas
June 7, 2017;

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